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The  master plan is a framework that lays out the long-term path of development for church property and church mission. A core team of church members came together in 2021  to plan and develop new designs to enhance our campus.

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Church member, Kurt Hunker,  Master of Architecture, Harvard University Graduate School of Design; Bachelor of Science in Architecture, The Ohio State University.

Kurt leads our Master Plan process.

January 28, 2024
Congregation backs future vision for our Church!

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After 3 years of discussion, investigation, and negotiation, the Master Plan team brought forward a bold, innovative, and transformational recommendation for member consideration to pursue the mission of Christ to love thy neighbor as thyself, and to ensure sustainability of our church. The plan includes five key elements:

  • Pursue development of affordable senior housing on site by partnering with an outside developer/manager;

  • Facilitate revenue generating educational program expansion;

  • Pursue facility repairs and upgrades take advantage of a strengthened financial picture;

  • Expand existing missional programs and develop new ones, now that a more robust revenue stream is possible; and

  • Explore joint use opportunities with compatible outside organizations.

After some discussion the recommendation was approved unanimously!



Aerial view of church campus

The UCC Church Building & Loan Fund is a 150+ year old program of the UCC denomination that supports both church facility development and mission-focused enterprises. The church will submit a formal comprehensive application by February 15, 2024.

If selected, the Church Building & Loan Fund will work with us to develop a scope of work and engage with their professional development and financing team to pursue our development goals. Costs for their services are dependent upon the extent of professional assistance we seek. Those costs would likely be bundled into the finance package for the larger development project and be paid incrementally with development progress, rather than upfront.

The building program will help create a funding proposal package and partner with us to seek appropriate funding for our project/s. An additional service they provide is to structure a request for project management & development bidders. They will also help us review applicants and enter into a legal arrangement with an appropriate development firm.

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