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Community Outreach

Guided by the social teachings of Jesus, the Mission Social Justice team provides leadership on social justice issues through service, advocacy, and faith. We engage the church and greater community through projects and initiatives that address the dignity and rights of those in greatest need. 

With mission at the center of the our work, combined, with input from the Congregation on pressing needs, the entire team is currently engaged in the following projects intended to make a difference in the church community.

We are honored to be a founding member of Interfaith Community Services (ICS).  We participate in several ICS ongoing  projects, some of which  are listed below. 


Haven House Meals

Haven House, a program initiative of Interfaith Community Services, provides bridge housing to individual adults experiencing homelessness.  Residents have access to breakfast, dinner, and a sack lunch. Six times a year FCCE volunteers prepare and serve a dinner meal for those who reside at Haven House. 

2023 Schedule of Haven House Dinners

January 11; March 8; May 10; July 12; September 13; November 8

(Please contact the church office for more information to volunteer)


Holiday Adopt-a-Family

This seasonal campaign identifies individuals and families to be matched

with FCCE sponsors who help fulfill their modest holiday gift wishes. 


Canned Food Drives

Includes canned soup donations on Super Bowl Sunday and Clear the Pantry drive in April. The food is donated to both Foundation Matthew 633 and ICS for use in their food distribution operations.


Make It A Home

Donations of small kitchen appliances, furniture, linens, and other like items that help fill a small apartment for individuals who qualify for ICS housing.


Foundation Matthew 633

Foundation Matthew 633 (FM633) is in a 501 (C) (3) non-profit entity that partners with FCCE and the North County Food Bank, several Vons stores in North County, Red Lobster, and St. Michael’s Parish to distribute food on Monday and Friday mornings to individuals and families experiencing food insecurity. Volunteers help fill grocery bags with fresh vegetables, fruit, bread, and prepared food, and load into cars. Diapers are always available for distribution to those who need them.


La Paloma Book Club 

Education Begins in The Home

A North County San Diego nonprofit dedicated to helping improve the literacy level of children is providing age and grade level appropriate books at no cost to children in our local community. The books are distributed on Mondays and Friday mornings at Plymouth House.

Neighbors In Need-Logo.png

Neighbors in Need

Supports ministries of justice and compassion and is focused on projects that serve homeless and immigrant neighbors. 

One Great Hour-of Sharing-Logo.png

One Great Hour of Sharing

Supports the disaster, refugee, and development

ministries of the Wider Church Ministries

Streghten The Church-Logo.png

Strengthen the Church

This offering supports congregations across the UCC

through providing grants and other resources to grow

the church in the community.

The Christmas Fund-Logo.png

Christmas Fund for Veterans of the Cross

Is a special offering that provides care for active and retired clergy and lay employees by providing emergency grants, supplementation of small annuities and health premium 


Our Church's Wider Mission

Provides funds in all the ways the church strives together

to be the church the world needs.

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