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A Message from Pastor Holgie Choi

Do you remember some of the specific spiritual practices that you have participated in the past?  This is a good time for all of us to look within our hearts and ask the question, “Where are we with God?”


As many of you know that we are currently in the season of Lent. Some of us may have given up something for Lent or even taken on something positive in this season. I have known people in the past, who have taken on specific service projects during Lent. Whether we give up something for our spiritual discipline or take on a specific mission project, you and I ultimately will experience a deepening in our relationship with God. The deepening in our faith calls us to bring forth these questions:


1. Where do I see God in my life?

2. How does my relationship with God change the way I see this world?

3. How does my personal transformation change the way I work with others in my life?


The third question is one I gravitate the most in my life right now. Ultimately, our relationship with others reflect the incarnational presence of Christ in our lives. This is why it is so important for us to gather in community both in worship and fellowship.


I hope that in this season, you begin to see where God is in your life and how the presence of God changes your relationship with fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.

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