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below the May message.

I always appreciated how Paul addressed his letters to a specific audience. In Philippians 1:2, Paul said “Grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.” If you notice that in the beginning of our worship services, I start out with this line, “grace and peace to you.” I pray that you all are finding some peace in light of what is happening now. It has been a difficult month and a half for all of us living in a socially quarantined world. But at the same time, I am seeing that we have all accepted that this is the new way of life where connecting happens through a virtual platform. I am happy to see that many of you connect with us on Sunday mornings through Facebook live and later on YouTube. Most recently, we connected our services through Zoom adding another tool for our communication to all of you. I am hoping that we all congregate on campus soon. I will keep you all posted every week with updated news. But, on Sunday, May 3rd, we will have a drive-in worship service here in our church parking lot at 10:00 A.M. There will be parking attendants who will guide you to a parking spot that follows the social distancing guidelines. We encourage you all to wear a protective mask. This will be a different way of worshipping on Sunday morning, but it keeps us socially connected in worshipping  our good God. If you choose to stay at home, we will share the worship through Facebook, YouTube, and Zoom so that you all can worship with us together.


Grace and Peace to you,

Pastor Holgie

When are we going to meet again as a congregation?

 As of now, the church will continue to follow the guidelines from our state leaders and officials


1. We will continue to go livestream and record our worship services on YouTube.

2. I will also send out worship materials by flashmail.

3. Online Zoom Bible study is every Tuesday at 1:00 noon.

I know that many of you are safe at home.  Some of the most recent phone call conversations I had with you all reminded me that the Spirit is working from afar and near.


As your pastor, my calling is to spiritually shepherd you in these times.  I am also called to find news ways and solutions to help us back into the "normal."   We will make small steps back into a gathering that follows the recommended social distancing.


Therefore, I am excited to announce that our first step back includes this:


On the first Sunday of every month going forward, we will be leading a Parking Lot     Intergenerational Worship Service. Our first will be May 3rd. Since it's communion Sunday, I ask that you bring a loaf of bread and juice for your  own car. As normal, I will lead you all through the elements. But, during the communion part of service, I will ask you all to break bread and drink from your own cup.  This way, we stay connected from afar, but also near. 

You can stay in your car or sit out on your lawn chair behind your car. Think of it as a "tailgating experience" at a football game :)

We will be 6 feet apart from our neighboring vehicle.

The worship leaders and I will lead you all in message, prayers, song, and scripture     reading.

If you choose to stay home, we will still livestream and record the service from             outside!


Thank you all for your prayers and support.


Pastor Holgie