Pastors' Message for

January 2021

I heard many people say, “I can’t wait for 2020 to be over!” I think we all feel that way. The previous year was one with many challenges that included a global pandemic, natural disasters, and riots in our major cities. We also witnessed one of the most interesting elections of our time. But despite the challenges, we continued to be in good spirit with the hope that God’s presence in Christ shaped both our minds and hearts.


As a congregation, we did not give up. We have found new ways to worship as a community. Our Christmas Eve outdoor candlelight service proved that the Holy Spirit was connecting all of us together whether it was in-person or at home through livestream.


As we go forward 2021, let us remind ourselves the fight against COVID19 isn’t over. We still need to be watchful, careful, and anticipate a new reality of life for all of us. I will keep you all updated on worship schedule updates through weekly pastor updates. At this time if you need to set up a one-on-one pastoral time, please contact me to set up an appointment.




Rev. Holgie