I find that Scripture repeatedly mentions the “glory of the Lord.” I wonder what this glory looks like for us today. Quite often our faith meshes with our moments of doubt. Our fear tends to get the best of all of us. Even Jesus’ disciples questioned His authority. They saw him as Jesus, but when it came to his Christological identity, the Mark texts in particular, portrayed the disciples in a state of wonder. The wonder can often lead us in a state of long wander. As we wander long, we may ask the specific questions of the “how, when, and why?”


Let me encourage all of us to embrace these questions. By asking these questions, our faith seeks greater understanding. We enter 2020 with hopes in discovering the vision for our congregation. Where will this church go?  What is God calling us to do as a community?  Are we truly a welcoming church? In this season of Epiphany, I will begin a sermon series that looks at our welcoming statement. What does it mean when we say, “whoever you are?” Where do we have to be when we say “wherever you are?” I am curious to hear what you all have to say in the coming weeks.




Pastor Holgie