Pastors' Message for

February 2021

Have you ever wondered how the prophets of the Old Testament lived each day? What did they do? What did they eat? It may be unclear about the details of their lives, but historically the prophets of the Old Testament stories were all unique. They were wanderers in the wilderness seeking a clear answer from God. Even Jesus himself after His baptism spent forty days in the wilderness. After this experience, there was a clear affirmation that began His call to preach, teach, and be present for all in the kingdom.


I know that many of us do not have the time to get away and be in the wilderness. I would love to be out in nature whether it’s hiking on mountainous trails or walking on the majestic shores of coastal San Diego, but the busyness of life gets in the way. I do have to make it a priority now to pause, breathe, and reflect on this question: “Where can I find God’s presence in a post COVID-19 world?” I find that all of us now are on a spiritual wilderness journey where we are trying to discover an answer in this new world. Let me encourage all of us including myself to focus on discovering the presence of Christ in our relationship with one another. Once we do so, I believe that we will experience an enrichment of our lives. We will be fulfilled in knowing that we are not alone in a COVID-19 world.


I pray for all of you everyday. I hope that you realize that you are not alone in walking through this new wilderness.


Pastor Holgie