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A Message from Pastor Holgie Choi


I have been spending some time lately reflecting on the word “love.”  The kind of love I have been thinking about is the one where we love our neighbors. "Love your neighbor,” Jesus says. It’s something I preach about quite often in the pulpit. And yet, I don’t even know what my neighbors are going through on a daily basis.  Do I know their hurts or hopes in light of all that is happening in the world?

When I look at all the things I pray for in our community, I have to ask myself, “What am I doing to bring that world into existence”? What are we doing as a community to bring the prayers of the kingdom into actual existence? It’s not enough to only pray for someone or pray for something in this world.   When prayer is grounded in love, then it moves us into action.  Remember that love is a verb.  Love calls us to action. 

Remember that you and I are called to live out love.  You and I are the hope that runs into this world. You and I are the hope of the next generation. You and I are the hope for our country. You and I are love’s only hope in this world. 

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