Pastors' Message for

November 2020

In one of our Tuesday Bible study sessions, we studied a particular verse from Psalm 107. We came across verse 1, which says, “Give thanks to the Lord for He is good; for His steadfast love endures forever.” How do we know that God is good? How can we feel God’s love in light of our suffering? In our faithful walk, God doesn’t take away the storms in our lives. In fact, through a deeper understanding of faith, I understand that God walks with us through the storm and suffers with us through our incarnational relationship with His Son.


We also know that God is fully good in our incarnational relationship with one another. God’s presence is fully known through our community where we worship together on Sunday mornings.  We cannot be spiritual people without a spiritual community. With this in mind, I have come to the conclusion that I am grateful to have all of you as part of my spiritual walk with God. It has been blessing to be here with you all, serving God and worshipping on Sunday mornings. I look forward to growing in faith with you all in the upcoming Advent season. The first Sunday of Advent is November 29th, which begins a new church calendar year. In light of all that we have experienced this past year with Covid-19, how will this season of Advent be different for you? What do you hope for in the new season? What are still dealing with at this time? I have my questions too. But, I also will walk with all of you in your time of questioning.


Peace and Grace,

Pastor Holgie