We have many things to celebrate here at First Congregational Church.  As I looked over what we did as a church in the previous month, I can clearly see that God is working in our lives. We have:


· witnessed two baptisms

· welcomed five new members

· served people at Foundation Matthew 633

· filled 100 backpacks for Backpacks for Freedom

· hosted a special agape feast for World Communion Sunday

· updated and purchased new items for our nursery room


We have many things to be thankful for in our church. November 17th is our stewardship and pledge Sunday where we as individuals make a personal commitment to our congregation whether through money, talent, or time. A few weeks ago, our leadership team and I introduced the stewardship theme for this year, which is The Way: Celebrating the Sacred Space and Relationships here at FCCE. To help us understand this theme better, I asked you all to consider this question: “How have you seen God working in our church?” I hope that you found some of our team presentations to be helpful. In the final weeks leading up to Stewardship Sunday, you will hear more from our leaders. You will also hear what our goals and hopes are for 2020.




Pastor Holgie