Pastors' Message for

August  2020

I have no set deadlines anymore in terms of re-opening the sanctuary. I do miss seeing everyone here on Sunday mornings. But, I do believe that we have discovered a new way of connecting with all of you. We are blessed to live in a world that is technologically advanced where I can connect with you at home on Sunday mornings through Facebook, Zoom, or YouTube.  We have successfully led worship for two months in our parking lot, but due to the heat of the summer, we have suspended worship outside for the time being. I once asked and wondered when we will all come back into the sanctuary. I stopped asking and wondering because we are “being” the church now in new ways. We are exploring new technological resources that we haven’t even tried before, but we are using them now.  Our worship services online have connected us with a broader audience beyond our usual Sunday morning attendance. As we go forward into these Covid 19 days, let me encourage all of us to stay strong, have hope, and be open to new ways of connection



Pastor Holgie