Dear FCCE Members and Friends,


We begin a new year together. The common practice for many of us in our culture is to make specific resolutions for 2020. Some of the common ones I hear from our world are:


       1. I want to eat healthier.

       2. I want to save more money.

       3. I want to start going to the gym.


In the past, I trained at commercial gyms like Crunch Fitness or Planet Fitness. In the month of January, membership spikes up. The treadmills are all taken. The weight room is filled with new faces. But as soon as we hit the end of February, the attendance drops. I wonder why certain resolutions have a short life span in commitment? Is the busyness of life taking over our commitment to change and transform? Maybe we are asking the wrong question in our approach to change? I respect how Jesuit priests approach their daily spiritual walk. They ask the question, "Where is God in all of this?" 


I encourage all of us to take this in-depth walk this year by asking this simple question, "Where is God in all of this? Where is God in my relationship with family, friends, or significant others? Where is God at work, school, or even the gym? Are my habits reflective of my incarnational walk with Christ?" I hope that you all begin to discover the transformational process in slowing down a bit. Take the time to slow down your daily speed. Be mindful of what you say or how you say it. Ask whether or not your actions reflect the divine love seen in the mystery of our Trinity.


I hope you change. I am looking forward to my change for 2020.


With love and grace,


Pastor Holgie