worship and Music Ministry

Sunday, December 1, AM and PM:

"Happy New Year" in the Church Calendar, lighting the first candle in the Advent Wreath in worship, and a family craft and carol event for everyone in Plymouth House in the afternoon.


Sunday, December 8, 10:00 A.M.

Second Sunday of Advent worship. Chancel drama and sermon dialogue.


Wednesday, December 11, 7:00 P.M. (Previously scheduled for Wednesday, December 4th.)

An "Advent Dialogue" with Pastor Holgie at 1206 Canter Road, a wine and cheese event. If you have a favorite wine, please bring it.


Sunday, December 15, 10:00 A.M.

"Glad Tidings of Great Joy,"  a cantata by our choir, harp, organ, guest soloist and narrator.


The FCCE Chancel Choir,  guest narrator and musicians  will present "Glad Tidings of Great Joy," a musical drama presented at the worship service on Sunday, December 15.  The story will be told by  an experienced actor,  Bob Himlin, playing  Simeon.  Cathy Himlin will be our  soprano soloist, Naomi Alter, harp,  Emily Just , percussion, and Cheryl Knapp, flute. 


The  perspective of this cantata is drawn from the life experiences of Simeon, an old man who has waited years for the Messiah . He has faithfully served in the Jewish temple in Jerusalem, dreaming and hoping that he will live long enough to see the promise of a Messiah fulfilled.   His story, as  ours, bears reflection and repeating.  As we reflect on to  faith journey, may we also contemplate our own.    This is the season of incarnation, "God with us."  May  each and everyone experience the presence of God in Jesus Christ this season and throughout the year.   It's also a good opportunity for us to invite family and friends to FCCE.

Sunday, December 15, 4:00 P.M.

Family Caroling, meeting at Plymouth House with supper following.


Sunday, December 22, 10:00 A.M.

"Advent Blues," looking at the Advent Season as a rhapsody that stitches opposites together.


Wednesday, December 24, 5:00 P.M.

Candlelight Service. "Lessons and Carols”, candle lighting in courtyard and hot cider.


Sunday, December 29, 10:00 A.M.

The first Sunday after Christmas, a festive celebration of favorite carols.


Your Worship and Music team can be found in, with and under all these events. Claire Dyekman (ex-officious member) coordinates the "Hanging of the Greens”; Maureen Gates, the Advent candle lighters, and scripture readers. All are hopeful that this Advent Season will replace the glitz to gifts that remain throughout our lives.

Chancel Choir

The Chancel Choir, directed by our Minister of Music, Cynthia Poole, sings during three services per month, special occasions, and upon request. Rehearsal time is 7:30 P.M. on Thursdays. No audition required, just come and be a part of this ministry in music.

Gospbell Choir

The Gospbell Choir, directed by our Minister of Music, Cynthia Poole, is a group of dedicated and talented bell ringers who share their ministry during worship service one Sunday a month. Audition is required. The bell choir rehearsal time is 6:00 P.M. on Thursdays.

Instrumental Ensemble

The instrumental ensemble is a fluid diversity of instrumentalists usually comprising

 piano, flute, violin, and others (i.e., woodwinds, brass, harp, percussion), as needed.

The FCCE Director of Music also utilizes Orff Instruments as a fun way to introduce children to music.