February 2020

Looking to the Future of FCCE!

As our year is now officially a month old, we have already done so much. Our congregational meeting last Sunday was well attended and had plenty of great participation from the attendees. That personally makes my heart flood with love and anticipation for what the rest of this year will entail! But with the happiness comes a little sadness, as my time as moderator will end on July 1st of this year.


The last three years (one as vice-moderator, and two as moderator) have taught me so much about how a church really works. I was surprised when the curtains were pulled back to reveal the “Wizard!” The truth is, this church would not be here today if it hadn’t been for all of you that decided to fight for its survival.


Now look at where your resolve has brought us? We have more members, more attendees on Sundays for service, a solid community-oriented outreach, and great education opportunities. We will be beautifying our campus with a memorial rose garden/labyrinth, that will celebrate our past-present-future, while providing an inviting attraction for those who visit FCCE. We will also be hiring a youth director to lead our young men and women as they learn to walk with Jesus Christ! This last accomplishment also celebrates the growth of our church’s future as more and more children attend service on Sundays.


There is plenty to celebrate here at our mighty little church in Escondido! By the way, we aren’t so little anymore! Over the next few months, I will continue to fight for our church and represent each and every one of you.  You are my family and are very much loved. It has been my absolute pleasure to serve you, and I look forward to the work we still have ahead of us in 2020.

Gary A. Patterson, Moderator