July 2020

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we here at First Congregational Church of Escondido (FCCE) have had to alter many things we do in our daily, weekly, and monthly lives. At this month’s Ministry Leadership Team (MLT) meeting (held at 6:30 PM on 6/15/2020) we discussed our semi-annual Congregational Meeting (normally held in June, but planned for July this year). We voted unanimously to forego the July Congregational Meeting in lieu of a bigger meeting in January 2021.


We felt that with everything currently going on in the Escondido community, as well as the rest of the state and country, we haven’t been able to properly prepare for this meeting or for the nomination of a panel of officers and team members. Moving forward with a meeting in July would not benefit the congregation of FCCE at this time.


I will be staying on as Moderator and Sheree Dohanyos will be staying on as Clerk, until the January Congregational Meeting. Danny Castro (Vice-Moderator) will begin preparing a Nominating Team in August to select the new officers and team members that will fill the vacancies left by outgoing members. As always, I highly encourage you all to take part in this process.  If you have a calling, now is the time to answer it with action. Our MLT and the teams that comprise it need fresh ideas and individuals who are willing to put in the work it takes to keep FCCE strong and great.


Throughout the many months of the COVID-19 pandemic, FCCE has remained financially sound.  We are grateful to the large number of members who have their pledges sent directly to the church. Other income’s like Known Giving, Blessing Jar, and other special offerings are down, however our expenses have been lower, and this was to be expected. There are several major repairs, either in process (the roof of Fellowship Hall) or upcoming (the well), and we will depend on the continued support from the congregation. We are blessed to be surrounded by so many generous people.


As we move forward in this Post-COVID world, let us do it together. Together we are stronger, and with the love and support of our Lord, there is nothing we can’t accomplish!



Gary Patterson

Moderator, FCCE


This message was originally released as a blast email to FCCE members on June 19, 2020. It was worth reiterating.