January 2020

20/20 Vision

Well, my friends, 2019 is in the books and we are leaving another decade behind, as we adventure into 2020. The past decade has had plenty of up and down moments for FCCE: from reorganizing the leadership model of our church, to welcoming our new pastor, and adding new members to our family here in Escondido. A lot has happened, and a lot more awaits us in this new decade!


Over the past year we have been gifted by the presence of the Holy Spirit at FCCE. We have felt our Father’s love and guidance, as He has pushed us to do more amongst our congregation and community. We have trusted Him with our church and our everlasting souls.  Our Lord has renewed in our congregation a belief in ourselves and our mission.


Let this next year be the year we all have the opportunity to see with 20/20 vision. It only seems appropriate that our vision becomes clearer in 2020 and we begin to see the fruits of our hard work come to be. This next year we will see our campus come to life with new projects that have been in the work for years.  We will see our youth group blossom as a new direction begins to form for our young people. New friendships and bonds will develop among us as new and old members alike, come together to strengthen our church.


I am so proud to be here during this awakening, and I look forward to being here for many more years. I anxiously await what the Lord has planned for us next, and I wait with my eyes wide open. I am ready to see his loving gifts with 20/20 vision.


Gary Patterson,