Moderator's Message for

November 2019

Gary Patterson, Moderator

Stewardship 2019 is Our Future 2020

You may have noticed that during service this past month, many of the ministry teams here at First Congregational Church of Escondido (FCCE) have been speaking to the congregation about the work they have done and are doing here on our campus and in our community. These talks have been a combined effort of Pastor Holgie and the Ministries Leadership Team (MLT) to kick off our stewardship campaign early this year, in hopes of providing great examples of just how important your financial support is to the success of our church in 2020.


I would like to take a moment to talk about pledges and exactly why they are important to the life of our church. A pledge is a promise to the church, and can come in many forms, from a reoccurring automatic payment, to the little envelopes we place in the baskets on Sunday mornings. The most important difference between the “Promise”  and just placing an offering into the basket is that this is a contribution we can count on and use to fund our budget for 2020.


Another important thing to know about pledging is that it isn’t an automatic reoccurrence. In the event that you have set up an automatic payment from your financial institution directly to the church, we still need to fill out a new pledge card, so that the Church Resources Team can count your promise to our church when deciding the budget for 2020.


As our congregation and our church grows, our budget will also need to grow to make all of the great things we want to do possible. First Congregational Church of Escondido has a bright future filled with promise and the Holy Spirit has proven over and over again to be moving amongst us. So please join with me as the stewardship campaign continues to it’s fruitful end, and be sure to pledge and promise to our great church and our future.


Gary Patterson, Moderator